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All new 100% Amateur video "Sybian Video Virgins #1" is now available. This DVD is about 2 hours long featuring 2 gals from Texas, Strawberry and Kali. Neither have been in a commercially available video before and it is their first time seeing, let alone riding the amazing Sybian.

It gets going a little slow as the gals are a little playful (and no doubt nervous) but once they get settled in they cum their asses off.

This is SO HOT to watch!

There is a little bi-girl action and a little bit of group action as well (J.R. and I fuck Kali at the end).


In this picture she is REALLY SCREAMING!

 This 100% all amateur video is only $8.99 place your order NOW!!!!! 

Sybian Video Virgins #1 - The FUN place for Sybian videos!


DVD's 1-24 single layer $8.99+ $8 SHIPPING (per order, not per disk)

DVD's 25-28 double layer $9.99+ $8 SHIPPING (per order, not per disk)

Package SPECIAL! (limited time offer)

DVD's 1-28 + the TJ video $200.00 + $8 SHIPPING        A $65 savings!
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