100% Amateur video "Sybian Video Virgins #5" is NOW AVAILABLE!. This tape is about 2 hours  long and features 4 new good looking women, "Fantasy" from Phoenix, "Moet" from Phoenix,  "Natasha"  (a different woman from #4) from Phoenix,  and "Kelly" from Dallas. This video also features an encore performance (i.e. a copy) of Rachel from Sybian Video Virgins #4.   


This is SO HOT to watch!

This video is only women cumming their asses off on the sybian alone and there is NO bi or group action in this video.  This video runs about 2 hours. Each of the girls on this tape did several segments with the exception of Natasha who went almost 1 hour straight! 

I ran their segments as follows: 

 Fantasy 1, Fantasy 2, Moet 1, Moet 2, Natasha 1, Natasha 2, Kelly 1, Kelly 2, Kelly 3, Rachel  for a total of 10 segments on this one VHS video. I have run the segments differently on the DVD as it has a menu option available.

If you happen to notice in the Moet 2 segment, when she is looking over to the left of the screen and says something about "that's a lot!" its because "Fantasy" is jacking me off and I made quite a mess of her hand and my lap while trying to run the controls for Moet and operate the camera at the same time... That was quite an evening!

Kelly Lancaster from Dallas was also wonderful... during the break between segments 1 and 2 she gave me an outstanding blow job... I DID get it on tape, but I figured y'all would more like to see a repeat of Rachel than my beer-bellied self getting pleasure from Kelly. 



The participants are (in order of appearance): 

















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